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This list is the fusion of the PRR-FAX List and the PRR-Modeling list.  The purpose of this list is to expedite the sharing of accurate information regarding the Pennsylvania Railroad, both in prototype and model form. It exists for all of us who admire, study and/or worked for the "Standard Railroad of the World". All factual information regarding the PRR is welcome. Accuracy is expected, and if a statement is presented as a "fact", then the reference source must be noted. Since this list is for our enjoyment, the sharing of information, learning and teaching should all be done in a friendly and civil manner at all times. Fond memories and "Rail Tales" are invited, if indicated as such, as they spice up dry factual discussions! Membership in the PRRT&HS is strongly recommended, which includes the acclaimed quarterly magazine, THE KEYSTONE. Write to PRRT&HS, P.O. Box 54, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-0054 for details, or visit the society website at
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